Donara Belindorn


Name: Donara Belindorn
Race: Dwarf (gold)
Class: Cleric (devoted)
Sex: Female
Age: 80 (6th Kythorn, 1405 DR)
Height: 3’ 11" (119 cm)
Religion: Sharindlar and Berronar



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The Belindorn Clan of the Firesteap Mountains is one of the prominent gold dwarf clans in the south. Although not known to breed the mightiest warriors or richest mines, the Belindorns are respected in the south as one of the largest clans. The Belindorns are spread over several communities across the north edge of the Firesteap Mountains and is broken down into more than a dozen families.

Born third youngest behind an eldest sister and older brother, Donara didn’t inherit many clan responsibilities within her family. She wasn’t expected to attend the important clan ceremonies, nor was she ever the ‘first’ to achieve anything among her siblings. As an adolescent, her tertiary role among her siblings felt like a burden, but she soon came to realise that it was a form of freedom (one that her eldest sister often longed for).

Donara’s first passion was history. As a young dwarf she would spend hours listening to the elders telling stories of old battles, heroes and misadventures. As she grew into her late teenage years, Donara found herself inheriting the role of carer for a number of the oldest members of the clan. This role also introduced Donara to a number of the youngest members of the clan, as they would come and listen to the stories just as she had. It was in these years that Donara learnt the divine art of healing through the worship of Sharindlar.

Having heard so many stories, it was only a matter of time before Donara’s curiosity would get the better of her. In 1438 DR, after being bequeathed an enchanted necklace from one of the oldest dwarves in the clan, Donara made the choice to leave the mountains and explore Faerun. If she had been the eldest or even the second eldest, Donara wouldn’t have had the freedom for such a trip, but as it was, her mother was immensely proud that Donara had found her own way. Donara’s father crafted her a family runestone before she left, afraid that Donara would find another family out on her travels (this fear would never come to fruition).

Donara spent the next 2 years travelling along the western edge of the continent (Faerun) up into the Spine of the World. For this northbound journey, Donara had no long-lasting travelling companions, instead revelling in her freedom and independence. Donara wasn’t adventuring in the traditional sense (fighting monsters and completing quests), it was more like travelling. The young dwarf would often travel alongside trade caravans – this proivided her with a degree of safety from bandits and Donara was also able to exchange her healing skills for food and shelter.

On the return journey southward, Donara met a pale shield dwarf named Miira. She was also heading south and the pair quickly grew close. Although of the north, Miira was not bound to any clan and had grown up as an orphan in the northern (mostly human) city of Neverwinter. As a result, Miira spoke a number of non-dwarven tongues and wasn’t familiar with some aspects of Dwarven culture (aspects which Donara assumed every dwarf was born knowing). The return journey took 3 years, as the pair continually found reasons to delay their individual destinations. Eventually Donara realised what was happening and invited Miira to return home with her and live in the Firesteap Mountains. Unsurprisingly, little had changed within the mountain when the two young dwarves arrived in 1443 DR. Donara’s family (especially her father) were thrilled to see her again and the clan quickly welcomed Miira into their community.

Within a year Donara and Miira were married. Over the next few years Donara and Miira started their own family and became well loved members of the wider Belindorn clan. They were soon the proud and caring mothers to a pair of dwarven boys; Vorn and Sundar.

In 1473 DR, after being married for 29 years, Donara and Miira faced a new unexpected challenge. A handful of northern shield dwarves arrived at the Firesteap mountains claiming to be Miira’s birth family. The group stayed in the mountians for a number of months as Miira learned of her true heritage and introduced them to her children. Although Donara and Miira were not unhappy, the spark had dimmed in their relationship. Their love was conceived on the road and it blossomed as they raised their children. Now (with their two sons moving on into their own lives) Donara and Miira were both looking for their next adventure. With the arrival of the shield dwarves the couple quickly realised that their next adventures would be apart. Dwarven marriage customs allow for extended periods of separation and it is not considered a loss of love. Miira left with the shield dwarves to return north and Donara stayed in the Firesteap mountains to continue her work as a healing priestess.

For the next 12 years, Donara continued to take care of her clan and help tell the stories that had been passed down over so many generations. During this time, the itch of adventure got harder to ignore and eventually it had to be scratched. In early 1484 DR, Donara made plans to set out on another trip and by the end of the year, her responsibilities within the clan had been assumed by other dwarves. She set out into Faerun once more with the necklace and rune stone that accompanied her 46 years ago.

Donara’s Timeline

1405 – Born (0 yrs)

1438 – First adventure (33 yrs)

1440 – Meets Miira (35 yrs)

1444 – Marries Miira (38 yrs)

1449 – First son, named Vorn (44 yrs)

1453 – Second son, named Sundar (48 yrs)

1473 – Shield dwarves arrive. four months later Miira leaves (68 yrs)

1484 – Sets out on another adventure (79 yrs)

1485Present day! (80 yrs)


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Belindorn Clan: The largest (by population, not territory) caln of gold dwarves in south.

Faerun: Faerun is a vast land mass and one of the continents of the world. Most D&D adventures are set somewhere within Faerun.

Family runestone: A simple rounded stone with a dwarven rune chiselled into it. Sometimes theses runestone have magic imbued into them.

Firesteap Mountains: A range of mountains in the south east. The south face is riddled with human tombs built by the Shaaryan people. The north side is peppered with dwarven mines and settlements belonging to the Belindorn Clan.

Gold dwarf: The general term used to refer to southern dwarves. Distinguished by their darker skin, shrewd trading skills and being slightly shorter than northern dwarves.

Healing: Healing can be performed with a knowledge of biology but is often aided with magic. Most healers channel the divine power of the gods to perform healing rituals.

Miira: A pale shield dwarf. Miira is an academic with a short temper. Unlike ost dwarves, Miira loves to read and write and is fascinated by non-dwarven cultures and traditions.

Necklace: Neckalces are often imbued with simple protective magic to keep their wearers safe.

Neverwinter: Also known as the Jewel of the North, this vast walled city is the northern most city of its size in the continent. Many consider it the most civilized place in Faerun.

Sharindlar: Known by all races as the dwarven goddess of healing and mercy, Sharindlar is also secretly a goddess of love, courtship, and fertility. her hidden aspects are celebrated by dwarves away from outsiders. Sharindlar protects dwarven culture and as such some aspects of her personality are kept hidden from non-dwarves.

Shield dwarf: The common name for dwarves from the north. Shield dwarves ore slightly taller than their southern cousins and have paler skin. Blue & green eyes are common. Shield dwarves are often more cynical and gruff, taking longer to trust people.

Spine of the World: This vast mountain range stretches across most of the northern edge of the continent. It acts as a natural barrier to the icy wastes that lay beyond. As well as dwarven kingdoms, the Spine of the World is home to all manner of magical monsters and ancient underground civilizations lost to time.

Sundar: The youngest son of Donara and Miira. Sundar has taken to the dwarven art of smithing and is learning to forge tools, weapons and armor under the tutolige of his grandfather (Donara’s father).

Vorn: The eldest son of Donara and Miira. As is tradition within their clan, Vorn joined the clan guard at 20 and patrols the mountains keeping his people safe from monsters and beasts.

Donara Belindorn

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